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I purchased rims and tires a few years back. I just realized, thankfully before I had a flat, that I lost my rim wheel lock.

I went to Kramer with all my paperwork proving I purchased them there with an order form. All I asked was that they let me know which one to order. The lady at the counter said "We do not do that" and referred my elsewhere. I went to the place they referred me to and they said that they could break off the lug nuts at $50 per tire and put on regular ones.

I went elsewhere, where I will now purchase tires and rims from now on and they spent 5 minutes measuring my lug nuts and finding the correct one to fit, so I could order the correct one from the order form that Kramer Tire put in with my paperwork. They did not even charge me, though I would have paid for the 5 minutes of help.

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